As one of Nottingham’s most established Architects, CPMG’s website did not best represent their core values or prestigious reputation. So I designed them a new one, with a user-centered approach and clean, minimal aesthetic that would really show off their work in full technicolour.


  • + Visual Design
  • + Art Direction



CPMG Header Design
CPMG Home Design

To start, I conducted a series of staff interviews — accross different seniority levels to establish balance — to get a feel for different perspectives, what they each saw as opportunities for improvement, and how we could better present the various facets of their work.

From there, outcomes were discussed, prioritised and streamlined, resulting in a series of sitemaps, user journeys and wireframes. These items would define the problems we were trying to solve, and outline the targets we would aim for.

CPMG Team Design

Visually we had a blank slate, so plenty of creative freedom was afforded. Mindful that anything I presented needed to introduce new functionality, serve CPMG’s ethos, and would become a significant cornerstone of the brand identity going forwards, I let the photography do the talking, supported by bold typography, plenty of negative space and minimalist detail.

CPMG Nav Design
CPMG Mobile Design Version 1 CPMG Mobile Design Version 2 CPMG Mobile Design Version 3
CPMG Careers Design CPMG Project Design

To develop the design aesthetic further, a series of subtle animation guidelines were created. This included specific on-load motion rules, generative scroll interactions and image treatments when moused over and dragged.

As a result, we were able to enhance the presentation of the work without distracting from the core purpose, as all good motion design should.

CPMG Wireframes