Hive Inc.

The Hive mobile app is an app concept to help users to test and optimise their site through a suite of built-in tools, like surveys, heatmaps, funnels and A/B tests. It’s intent is to be visually engaging in a way most apps of this type aren’t.


  • + Visual Design
  • + UX
  • + Prototyping
  • + Art Direction
  • + Identity



Hive Perspective Design

the interface builds upon brand and interface elements already present on the website, ensuring a cohesive design language across devices. Naturally, the app contains a number of native design patterns and animations, all of which follow device specific guidelines for usability.

Hive Graph Design Hive Uniques Design Hive Bounce Design
Hive Loading Design Hive Login Design Hive Notifications Design
Hive Nav Design Hive Settings Design Hive Funnels Design

Since it’s easy to find usability suffering when presenting lots of different types of data, user flows and interaction maps were considered in conjunction with the visual design, ensuring a simple and predictable flow through the app.

Hive Prototype