PRB Architects.

One of Nottingham’s fastest-rising Architectural practices, PRB combines a love of heritage with modern sensibilities. I worked with them to create a confident brand & web direction that captured their design-led ethos, exploring form, space and function.


  • + Visual Design
  • + Art Direction
  • + Brand



PRB Case Study Design
PRB Brand Logo Design
PRB Studio Copy Design

Much of the art direction was informed by historical forms, with the typography — Founders Grotesk & Sohne — forming the backbone. Nods to way-finding are present with the brand motif, with clean lines acting as go-betweens for the various content structures.

PRB Nav Design
PRB Brand Ethos Design

A set of print material was created as part of the brief, with beautiful debossed business cards—printed on GF Smith high GSM stock—a particular highlight. We wanted to create a certain level of tangible quality as a means of inferring the attention to detail found in their actual architectural works.

PRB Studio Design
PRB Brand Letter Design

The aesthetic as a whole uses just a handful of colours, type treatments and shapes. By doing this, we create a modular art direction with clarity and purpose.

PRB Home Design
PRB Brand Slip Design
PRB Case Detail Design
PRB Index Design